Author Topic: First Exterior Viz  (Read 203 times)

2020-10-28, 19:28:21


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Hello guys,
I really wanna become a part of this community so I am posting today my first exterior scene with corona, based on a tutorial by Viz Academy UK. I`ve been studying corona for a few months now, and decide to try myself at a exterior basic shot. I'd like your run at it and thank yall.
Software: 3dsmax, Coronarenderer 6, Photoshop.

2020-10-29, 20:21:03
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You have a good start there!

-Generally good composition (I think the foreground takes away too much attention away from the the building)
-Good lighting and atmosphere
-It looks like you have some texture stretching  on your building, it's especially noticeable on the curved surface. take a second look at your UVs
-Other than that I would focus on the details such as placing physical models of your lights in the scene and your window frame