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2020-09-30, 00:11:42


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The new sky liked it, but it seems you're a little overdone - it's too violet and it's unnatural. Of course can apply LUT, but it's not always convenient, because it will impact everything. Or can use LightMix, but it's again additional movements and don't always need a Multi-Pass.
Therefore, I propose to make life easier for users and add a simple tint adjustment for Sky Improved. For example Green-Magenta Tint or even better Tint (as in Color Correct).
Also hope that you will not forget in the future to add Turbidity, Fog with Altitude and Aerial Perspective.
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2022-06-07, 20:51:57
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for improving controls & ease of use

2022-06-08, 14:13:15
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Thanks for your suggestions. I will log them for consideration.
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