Author Topic: UVW Mapping from spline path  (Read 426 times)

2020-08-14, 01:16:02


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Hi, I tried searching the forum and Google but I can't find the answer.

I am trying to model a USB cable with paracord wrap, and while I was able to use CoronaScatter to achieve a look similar to what I needed, I can't figure out how to apply a gradient map using the generated coordinates of the spline path. I can do this with PathDeform but the scene becomes too heavy (before converting to proxy) and I would like the flexibility of just choosing a new spline path when I want to.

I would like the mapping coordinates applied to the spline path for a cable with various gradient colors. The attached image is what I was able to do using PathDeform modifier of 3DS Max.

2020-08-14, 05:01:57
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I would recommend to create the cable through the Loft or through the Sweep modifier and turn on their own Mapping