Author Topic: Reflections in ID bug  (Read 908 times)

2020-08-09, 17:56:27


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So I've been trying to set this up but I ran into two issues. One it doesn't work at all with some imported CAD models(which I cant share), but CAD models are often odd so it's something I've got to live with.
The second one is a phantom disc appearing seemingly random. I recreated the problem with a sphere with some holes punched in it and a cube catching reflections. As I change the difuse color closer to white at some point a disc occluding the reflections appears.

Corona 6RC2

2020-08-10, 17:02:24
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Hi, thanks for the file. That's pretty strange and I'm not entirely sure what is going on here so we will need to investigate further.

For internal use: (Internal ID=547634112)
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