Author Topic: VFB shadows/whites/blacks  (Read 834 times)

2020-08-03, 20:48:41


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Hello there,
as in the title - adding those (together with fixing how saturation works) would allow to pretty much skip most of the photoshop work.
Any chance for those ?

2020-08-03, 23:01:05
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I believe they are planning on some rework here... (and hopefully it's copy of latest Vray).

But here is quick and painlessly easy to implement semi-solution without affecting current VFB in any way at all.
Let's just add parametric mode to existing point-mode to Curve like in Adobe ACR. Because the parametric sliders in ACR are basically just doing the same thing as the parametric mode of the tone curve.

Yeah but the saturation.. let's just kill that one and bring in proper Vibrance (or do the Vray and give everyone everything)  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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2020-08-04, 17:29:11
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We are aware that tone mapping / post processing require some additions and improvements. This specific request is logged too.
I don't have any specific timeframe at this moment.

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