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2020-07-06, 13:37:45
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If 3ds max and corona are not color accurate do you not touch the tone mapping and LUTs in the frame buffer?

3dsMax/Corona are not color managed :- ). It's bit of difference. They ignore system color profiles, and don't offer loading custom ones (Vray framebuffer does, so Vray is color-managed when set up correctly with custom ICC loaded).

But if your monitor is close to 100perc sRGB color gamut, either because that is maximum your monitor is capable of displaying, or you manually clamp it like that through hardware factory profile, or custom hardware profile, and you set your system profile in Windows to be sRGB (so zero software calibration), than in that scenario, Corona&3dsMax will display correct colors.

That is how I use it. This way you are stuck with sRGB color gamut only, but that's what you're gonna upload to internet anyway where 95perc. of work ends up being. sRGB also satisfactory for home inkjet printing.
You can still do separate post-production or just proofing under wider-gamut for high-end printing (which maps closer to AdobeRGB). That requires profile switching on hardware level so it introduces a space for error.

The above solution is the best until at least Corona introduces color managment like Vray has. I don't think we can wait for Autodesk...  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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2020-07-27, 10:45:17
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Nejc Kilar

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Not sure what you gents think about the Benq 3280u but I'm thinking it could be a good alternative for people who want solid color accuracy out of the box and that 4k 32" experience (crisp text!). I don't own it but I'm going through the reviews and it seems like a good option.

Sure, its 60hz but it doesn't have flickering issues nor does it suffer from major input lag problems. The price seems to align fairly well (in my opinion) to the rest of the field. The Dell 3219Q seems to be in the same ball park but if you really don't like the flickering when its in sub-100% backlight mode then the Benq 3280u kind of fits in well.

Anyone has any experiences with it perhaps?