Author Topic: New UVW Randomizer playground!  (Read 8330 times)

2020-09-21, 17:42:43
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I also noticed that the high quality blending is very noticeable in layered refractive materials with bump, possibly refractive materials with bump in general. This actually isn't all that surprising because the seams of the tile blending create enough regular noise that must also be refracted, as to be noticeable. I'm not sure there could be a fix for this given the current implementation, i.e. the shading is rendering correctly, it's just that the blending method is so noticeable in a refractive surface.

And this one is too hard for me to imagine as well. I did some tests, but haven't noticed anything unexpected.
Remember that the high quality blending renders slower in general = more noise for the same render time.

2020-11-19, 03:12:32
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It seems like the UVW randomizer cannot function like a bitmap 'splatter', but is on the verge of supporting that type of behavior, e.g. Substance Designer Shape Splatter. Does this make sense?

EDIT: Pretty sure I was mistaken and it's behaving exactly like a shape splatter, whoops :/
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