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2020-05-24, 15:24:24


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Hi everyone!
This is my project for my master degree thesis called "experience digital history", in which I studyed how to give life again to Museo Nacional do Brasil, destroyed by fire the 2th of September 2018, with the help of virtual reality and photogrammetry and set up inside Triennale Museum in Milan.

Here is my short "showreel":
- movements recreated in AfterEffects, with camera track, after shooting videos with my phone;
- lights were animated by me (on/off);
- camera with 70° fisheye to give the appereance of first person view;
- the boy was phtogrammed and animated in Mixamo (with vr headset linked afterward);
- statue of wahka was photogrammed inside Egyptian Museum of Turin;
- everything rendered in 3Ds Max + Corona 5;
- rendered with GarageFarm;
- PP in after Premiere Pro.

I'm new to animation world (I never made such a big animation frame-rate) so..please let me know how to improve my workflow :)
Spherical renders: