Author Topic: Camera becomes corrupt  (Read 1329 times)

2020-05-13, 13:40:27


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Hi all

I've had the following issue a few times and hope someone can tell me the cause?

For some reason when rendering the camera stops rendering all geometry - I've tested turning on and off direct visibility overide and that works (either renders black or the corona sky).

To fix the issue I need to delete the camera and reimport it

This has happened on different cameras in the scene

It most often happens when I've been interactive rendering.

I've tested saving the scene with the dodgy camera, closing max & reopening

and the issue is still there..... so I have to reimport the cam

Has anyone else had this issue?


2020-05-13, 14:03:47
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Please write your 3ds max and Corona versions, what camera are you using (standard, physical, Corona). Upload the scene with corrupt camera to private uploader (you can delete all other assets if the bug is still reproducible).
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