Author Topic: C4D Render Region and animation freeze during calculating secondari Gi  (Read 1078 times)

2020-04-18, 12:43:24


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Hello Forum,
im rendering a interior animation, classical curtain in the wind animation with a alembic file out of marvelous designer. To keep rendertime fast i just want to render the specific region. therefore i defined the render region in c4d rendersettings. But unfortunately corona hang up while calculating secondary gi uhd cache. If i render the hole image without defining the render region everything work fine, or if i defined the render region via the vfb picture viewer it works also. Any ideas? Is it possible to define a render region with the vfb picture viewer which do not get lost on every new frame? Im working in R18, but did a test on R21 too with Corona 5 HF2.

Thank you