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2020-01-23, 12:43:50


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Pleased to share one of my favourite projects of 2019, a set of images for the new headquarters for one of the UKs leading cider manufacturers - Thatchers. Working closed with the interior design agency, the goal was to show the mixture of open plan office and functional spaces - along with emphasising the combination of heritage, passion and fun in the business.

The project is almost built now - once I've got some photos to share, you'll see how similar it looks completed!

Corona Proxy was used extensively in the project, along with ForestPack and Railclone to keep the scenes lightweight and adaptable.
More information about the project here -

To add an extra level of detail to the images I replicated their full range of cider (along with other marketing materials like mugs, beermats and notebooks), and also recreated their cider orchard outside of the offices to build other marketing images.

NB - these extra images are a bit noisy, and could do with a little extra time on the farm *pun* - but thought they'd be nice to share too.

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