Author Topic: xrefs - generator option on in interactive and issues with legacy xrefs  (Read 2092 times)

2020-01-17, 14:48:36


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Hi guys. First of all thank you for all the great work you do creating Corona for C4D.

I'd like to ask you, if there is any update on supporting generator option on working with xrefs in interactive. Now there is an option which forces user to turn generator option off which means: 1) To load all xref materials into the scene - takes a lot of time to generate material previews. 2) Placing xrefs (in generator option off) is annoying – placing and selecting the xref is terrible if the xref is composed of many meshes. 3) It also increases the file size of a project.

I really get used to work with xrefs, I think they can save a lot of time and make every day workflow much smoother and easier, especially working in a team on large scale projects. My usual scene file is only tens megabytes - I don't actually notice c4d file autosaves at all. When c4d unfortunately crashes, I lose only few minutes of work.
Also creating xref asset in c4d is much faster when the scene file is only the asset and not the whole scene.

Currently I use legacy xrefs which works fine in interactive, but they don't support corona bitmap shader (renders black, because corona bitmap doesn't support absolute texture path) and most importantly, they take a lot of time loading scene (viewport materials) when switching between scene files (which is I think issue of them in c4d), so there is a limit of how many legacy xrefs you are able to have in one project depending on your patience (waiting for the scene file to load all the materials in viewport).

Also support of the absolute texture path in corona bitmap would be great.

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