Author Topic: Different noise when rendering using VFB and using 'C4D Takes Manager'?  (Read 1029 times)

2020-01-10, 16:06:47


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I'm rendering some products using Corona 5 and I experience very different results in "amount of noise" when rendering directly using 'Corona VFB' and when rendering my 'C4D Takes' (using "Render Marked Takes to PV" in the 'Takes manager')..

I have set up some different 'Takes' in C4D, just switching some different artworks on a product.. and if I enable one 'Take' and render it separetely in the 'VFB window', then everything looks good.. very clean results.. but if I render the exact same Take using the command "Render Marked Takes to PV" (in the 'Takes manager' window) then the result becomes very noisy. So, the same 'Take' gets different amount of noise depending on which button I click. See attached.

This becomes a problem when I want to render all my takes using the Takes Manager, since all my final renders becomes noisy.

Is this a bug? Any other ideas what is wrong?

I'm in Cinema R20 and Windows 10. And both examples are of course set to render to the same Noise sample level.

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2020-01-14, 13:46:06
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Hi there, to my knowledge, I have not heard of this happening before. We will need to investigate further before I can offer a more detailed response. Are you able to share a test scene with us via our private uploader?