Author Topic: 2990WX platform = laggy performance multitasking when rendering?  (Read 1287 times)

2019-12-13, 09:57:00


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Hi guys

We are experiencing heavy slow downs on our 2990WX workstations when multitasking. I.e. when max is rendering it is damn near impossible to work in other softwares at the same time.

First we thought it was just a photoshop thing as it seemed to occur after a PS update, but now it feels like the overall experience in windows is very slow and laggy when rendering (I tried to set used threads to -1 and -2 in the Corona system settings with no difference).

We tend to grab a copy of the interactive render image after a couple of passes and then start work on it in PS while corona finishes the final image. This is nearly impossible now due to the lag.

Anyone else experienced the same thing?
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2019-12-13, 14:08:21
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I have also noticed some serious lag recently especially when I stop a render, my whole system seems to freeze until 3dsmax/Corona has completed what it needs to do. Maybe it's something to do with Corona 5? (I also have the 2990wx)