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2019-12-07, 08:49:20


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Good Morning!

I hope somebody can answer this question: Let's say i have the normal shader in the bump channel and in it's additional bump mapping slot i have an additional bump map. Is the strenght of the addtitional bump map dependant to the "main" strenght in the bump channel or does it operate independantly? For instance, when i have 50% in the main strenght, do i have to put 200% in the additional strenght to get 100% strenght there?

Hope i got the question right ;)

Greetings from frosty southern germany!


2019-12-12, 13:22:16
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Hi Moritz!

My greetings to frosty Bavaria (or is it Baden-Wuertenberg?) :-)

I think you got it right. I just tried it to double-check and the additional bump mapping strength is applied before the overall bump strength is applied. That means that if you want to keep the additional bump strength the same while lowering the overall bump strength, you have to make the additional bump strength value correspondingly higher.

Hope that makes sense!