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2019-11-27, 13:15:24

Philip kelly

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Good day all.

I have a dodgy email the other day asking for a quote  for a new sports complex.
From this crowd.

Lawrence Coleman l Head Architect
Coleman Architects
M: +1 (604) 744 85 33

So I looked them up, no website.
I wrote back told them a price a large price then I got this back.......

Thank a lot for your reply! I will send this info over to my client and will contact you as soon as possible.

I have tried working with different companies in the past and had some negative experience. We have gathered some questions for the new studios we want to try working with. Could you please answer them? These are pretty vital for the long-term relationship we are looking for.

Do you charge per view or per hour? How much is that?

How many revisions are included in the price? What is the cost for extra revisions?

What is your basic estimation time for an architectural project with 1 view? Sometimes we need quick estimation in the future

What is the resolution of the final rendering? Do we have to pay extra for high res (4k, for example)?

What is the cost for additional views?

What is the cost of birdview for this project?

What files do we need to send you to start the project?

What software do you use? 3Ds Max, V-Ray, Corona?

Do you send draft results in a grey model rendering, draft render of screenshots?

Can you share the source files, so we'll make a final fix in-house?

How are we going to get results?

Will the price change if I get you a 3D model?

What is the cost of a panorama view?

What is the cost of an additional option or a different version of a project? For example, changing a time of the day, weather conditions or season of the year.

Do you have a team to work with several projects at the same time? If so, how many projects your team can do at the same time? We got overloaded sometimes

What is your payment process? Do you work with pre-payment? post-payment?

Do you charge extra money for urgent projects and tight deadlines?

What is the cost of large-scale projects? For example, 100 unique projects per year.

So wrote back, and told them show some evidence they were a really company gang of chancers.

So be aware of this lot.
Up to no good,
The sent a link with drawings and a sample image they want too, full set of drawings..................


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2019-11-27, 23:03:42
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Please write his email so people may find this topic.
Recently there is many scam using similar template and even ask to make some work for free

2019-11-27, 23:34:34
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What’s the name of your mother and what shoe size you wear?
What the heck? Are those guys former CIA people? :))))

2019-11-28, 12:24:19
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I had the exact same initial enquiry (for a sports complex, with link to a legit Dropbox of files and examples).

After a quick bit of detective work, I found the project from the drawings and it was completed in February 2019...

More info here...!

I posted about the experience on Twitter, and a couple of other people responded saying they'd had the same enquiry.
Thought - if you want to ask someone questions about their processes, even their costs - just send them a genuine email and ask...

2019-11-28, 23:30:37
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Philip kelly

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This is the image I was sent.
Somebody might recognize it as theirs.
I think is a Chinese Render personally.
Dell Precision T7910

2019-12-08, 23:20:09
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We were sent the same email. Also had a similar one from someone else. A landscape architect based 'in Europe'.

2019-12-09, 11:05:52
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  • George Nicola
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Same here :)
Architectural Visualizations / Deep work practitioner