Author Topic: Light Mix - Reset configuration when Setup Light Mix 3DSMAX Corona 5  (Read 2014 times)

2019-11-18, 19:02:24


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When I use the Setup Light Mix, all light slots return to value one and white color, this did not happen in the previous version of corona! In the previous version the existing slots kept the color and values that were adjusted! How to solve it?

2019-12-10, 16:54:23
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This is the intended behavior in Corona 5. We are aware that some users are unhappy about it, and it is one of our priorities for the next version to fix this.
As a temporary workaround you can save your LightMix setup into a conf file ("save" button in the LightMix tab of the VFB) and then load it for a new LightMix setup.
Sorry for this!

2019-12-11, 21:36:43
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Great, glad to hear it's going to be changed back.  It's been surprisingly inconvenient.  Thanks Maru!