Author Topic: Point cache animation gets destroyed  (Read 1419 times)

2019-10-24, 10:39:25


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Hi guys,

I'm assigned with a job to export cloth animations from

Clo3d to 3ds max for rendering.

Clo3d has a few exporting options for animation: Point cache, mdd cache, alembic, fbx with cache.

Alembic works fine but does not send material id's out of Clo3d so I can't use it.

Point cache with an OBJ works fine at first but as you can see in the movie my trousers are getting smashed.

I exported the shirt and pants separate so there's a bit clipping but that is not the issue.

The shirt exports just fine without any collapse of geometry, the pants however get destroyed every time.

In Clo3d this is not the case, everything works fine there.


Anybody got an idea what could cause this behavour?


Thanks in advance,