Author Topic: Scene Crash When i use corona sun  (Read 1364 times)

2019-10-20, 14:40:34


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Hello, i have a problem. 
i want to making a new corona tutorials ,first i installed demo version of corona and activated after that when i open 3ds max  everytime, corona ask activation 
is it normal ? and again and again i activated

other problem is ;
When i use corona sun 3ds max 2018 and 3ds max 2015 crashing and closing everytime. i tought may be it caused by demo version , and i try cracked version there is no problem
but i dont want to use cracked 
i deleted crack and purchase new licence and again i am getting same corona sun error unfortunately 
I want to lookup corona log i did not find it. 

Any idea why this happen ?

thank you - 3d training - blog - free 3d models

2019-10-21, 10:13:21
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We're glad that you have decided against using a cracked version of Corona!

I would recommend trying step 3 as described in this helpdesk article and seeing if this helps:


Please read this before reporting bugs:
How to report issues to us!