Author Topic: Metal Materials not shiny when rendered  (Read 466 times)

2019-04-26, 02:31:10


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If Y use  a physical or corona metal  material. It's not shiny when rendered in corona

2019-04-26, 09:07:06
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Show us example of what you're dealing with.

2019-04-26, 10:09:05
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Usually metals looks as good as your enviroment is. As dzintas said, show us some examples,  otherwise it is empty claims.
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2019-04-30, 01:52:38
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Dande,     have you discovered that "secret" of CORONA as regards rendering extremely shiny objects,   like metals?

You'll look online to see that a particular metal has a IOR of,   say,   2.0,      so you enter "2.0" into your Material's IOR Reflection value...     Then you are disappointed to see that your metal isn't nearly  shiny enough in your render?

The trick here is:    When it comes to extremely shiny objects  (up to and including a perfect mirror reflection),  you need to enter a MUCH higher number into your Reflection IOR value!   In other words,   you're not going to see  "super-shiny" until you enter a value of at least 20.0,     and often even more...   like,  50,  60 or even 90,  if you want a full mirrored effect.

I had to learn this trick the hard way,  too.      Try a much higher number...    then get back to us here.

Best,      ras
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