Author Topic: Crashes with Light Material and Interactive Rendering  (Read 259 times)

2019-03-18, 10:29:52


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we are evaluating the Demo-Version of the C4D Plugin right now and it seems to be pretty unusable when using the Interactive Renderer :/

Its crashing all the time and i was able to narrow down a nearly reproducable bug.

1. put a Corona LightMaterial with an animated texture on an object
2. animate the objects position or rotation
3. scrobble or click a random position in the timeline while in Interactive Rendering
4. enjoy a crash

The possibility of a crash increased when using a animated texture, but we also had crashes just with a plain light material assigned.

Reproducable on two different PCs.

Bug appears with the Corona 3 Hotfix 1 and also with the Daily Build 2019-02-20.
Cinema Version is R20
Windows 7

created a ticket. #17392

2019-03-18, 11:57:27
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Hi, I have had a look at your file and was not able to reproduce this crash at all. The only issue I had was the IR not refreshing when scrubbing through the timeline. A manual IR restart fixed this. Can you also apply us with the .dmp minidump file that was generated at the time of the crash? Thanks.