Author Topic: Corona bump issue in CINEMA 4D  (Read 988 times)

2019-03-08, 11:06:16


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I just install the corona render 3 hotfix 1 (core 3) and before I am use corona-c4d-mac-b2 for quiet long time and all works fine.

I have same file which use bump in CINEMA 4D, I opened it in corona render 3 and rendering it but the result seems loose lots bump details. (see the attach file).

It looks like denoise filter but I am already turned denoise mode off.  I tried lots time to find some where to fix but still not woking at all. Could any one can help me with?

2019-03-08, 13:24:54
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Just to check, were these IR or final renders? Did you make sure NVIDIA denoising is turned off during rendering (separate checkbox "Fast preview denoise.." under the Performance Settings if this was IR? Beyond that, just raising the strength of the bump make a difference, could just be changes at some point in how things were handled.

2019-03-08, 15:25:09
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Maybe it's caused by use of the (Cinema) noise as bump input.

2019-03-08, 19:57:44
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I had the same "problem". Check if multiplying the old bump amount by 10 helps. In my old material i had 10% and for corona 3 i had to increase it to 100%
Also, if you use cinema 4D noise, check if (don't know the correct translation here) "texture space" in the noise options is set to "UV 2D" instead of "Texture"

Maybe that helps ;)


2019-03-09, 12:34:16
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Try to set same value on "Global Scale" and "Delta"