Author Topic: Refraction not working properly in Last Build  (Read 422 times)

2019-03-06, 12:16:45

DRM - Max

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Hi Guys,

As you can see from the screenshots this scene created in 3 version is now rendering incorrect in the last 4 build. Refraction is not working as should be. Any guess how to fix?



2019-03-06, 12:30:45
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In the second render, the refraction looks correct.

From the name of the data, it looks to have been rendered in version 4, right?

2019-03-06, 14:44:56
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Hi! Refraction where things overlap was corrected in the Corona 4 core (works fine so long as the normals are ok, and may give a "different" look but it is actually more correct). In Max, there is a pop up on loading a scene created in an earlier version of Corona, allowing you to choose to use the new better refractions or stick with the old way - this dialog is not in C4D yet (but should be in the next daily) so you always get the new version. Could be there is a normals issue though with such a dramatic change - so options for now are to use a daily earlier than the Feb 20th one; wait for the daily that has the option to stay with the old (less correct) refraction; or check and change any issue with normals to get things working with the new refraction.