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2018-07-04, 06:49:16

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To the most talented, creative, driven & visionary artists and animators in the Arch Viz Universe!

BINYAN in Australia and New York is looking for no more than 5 of the best of the best artists on the planet to join our team.
If you think you embody these qualities we invite you to download this PROSPECTUS and have a deep read of what working with BINYAN is all about.
If reading this makes you want to learn more - follow the steps within.

Once we hear from you we will be available for a casual in person coffee in various places around the world:

- London & Vienna  - August
- Paris & Venice - October
- Singapore & Malaysia & Hong Kong - July & September
- Dubai - July, September & December
- New York - whenever you want to have a coffee
- LA and other USA & Canada Cities - every month
- Australia - all the time :)

Please follow the steps and read the "Prospectus PDF" carefully. We will only consider candidates who have submitted their application using the PDF's instructions. We will review the applications with careful attention and contact only the very best candidates

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