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2018-04-07, 08:24:30


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Hi Guys

When people post new work on the forum , I almost always first see if I cant find a behance link,
because I just dont want to open each image individually , I would like to just scroll through them.
I know there is a way to do this, because I have seen articles where the images is embedded,
The other problem I seem to noticed because of this is that the top image is almost always the
most viewed image and I think a lot of great art goes unnoticed because people just dont want
to open every single image on its own. ( judge them on the thumbnail)
Can this maybe be an automatic option that as you go through the post the images are all nicely
layed out.

Kind regards

2018-04-07, 10:25:05
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  • Let's move this topic, shall we?
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It is perfectly possible - although not very convenient - to post forum attachements as full sized images and i wouldn't want it to be automatic process. Usually it's not hard to tell from thumbnails, wether posted images are worth your attention or quick look at single image is more than enough. Thumbnails saves peoples' bandwith and time. I vote for keeping things as it is.
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2018-06-01, 12:52:33
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i think gallery need rank system and some filtration, as right now there is many low quality works and many ads even for vray training\vray pictures =)


2018-06-01, 13:51:58
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That's only one V-Ray post, not "many" :)

As for "ranking" I don't think that's necessary - those who are posting can judge for themselves if it goes in the Gallery, the WIP, or the Learner's Corner. Ultimately, there is a "ranking" system in that only the best get shared on our Facebook. And of course there is the Gallery on the website, which is curated (users have to submit, it has to pass in terms of quality - but being curated means it takes time to get updated, and sometimes that can be a long time as things are busy - one good reason why we don't want to start curating the forum too; but mostly, we don't want to be the arbiters of taste of quality when it comes to the forum gallery, that we keep for our official social media and website).

EDIT - and that one V-Ray post is no more, at that. Nothing against V-Ray, but the Gallery here is for Corona renders only :)
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2018-06-01, 14:36:30
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As you so busy that's why i suggest ranking system, so the rates will sort quality of work what can be removed to other section later, this is how it works for example at 3ddd gallery.
It was just one example, others can be totally ads with prices and many useless info, and works from his students not from topic starter.