Author Topic: Mix RGB with Noise Generator  (Read 1065 times)

2018-03-28, 15:56:31

Rac Leborg

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Can I mix colours using this method, as it doesn't appear to be working? (attached image)

2018-04-01, 05:36:11
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Having this same problem. Seems the mix rgb node has issues. U can't plug a black and white texture to the amount pin. Doesn't work :-(
This is proving very difficult for corrections I am trying to make to a recent project.
I am suggesting Cycles till Blender issues with Corona standalone are looked into.

I have spent close to 3 whole days struggling with the nodes, why some don't work the way they should, or don't work at all. Bump/displacement is also another issue. Uv node has a bug issue as well. If you are working on a serious project especially for clients, this might pose problems down the road.

At the moment, blanchg doesn't have access to a Windows machine so suport for Corona with Blender would take some time.
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