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Author Topic: Corona Workshop in Brno?  (Read 7361 times)

2013-11-07, 12:27:59
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indeed it would be, only there is a liiiiiitle catch - I speak only Czech and English fluently ;).
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2013-11-09, 10:05:26
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Hello all! :)

I'm new to the forum, but not that new to the archviz community. I have heard and read many things about Corona, but as mostly everybody in this field at the beggining, I'm a Vray user myself. I'm kinda' on the geeky-side of life, so I'm always intrested in new softwares, renderers, render setting, etc. But I was really curious what Corona can do "by Itself", I mean after just reading some posts here in the forum about some minor tweaks and than trying it out - what can I do with it? All I can say, that I'm very impressed about it, congratulations :)

So, after this long prologue I would like to say, that I'm in! ;) I'm from Hungary, so Brno is not that far away from me, and I have already visited Prague several times before, so it's not that big deal for me, if we drink the great czech beers only in Brno :) Sad news to the local guys, but I only speak english, so I've voted on that.

I hope this meetup / workshop will be figured out soon and I'll be able to meet you guys :)

Adrian Moorsel

2013-11-10, 10:50:25
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Count me in ;)

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2013-11-22, 21:23:19
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There is no way I can travel, and it is pretty sad that most of these cool training/meeting are only occurring in Europe and nothing good in USA. :( :( :(
If you guys decide to do it in English I would be willing to pay for a recorded video, try to consider this please, I have been learning a lot from this forum but see some live action would be great.
Best luck any ways ;)

2013-11-22, 21:34:11
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just plan a family holiday and go visit Prague and Vienna  on the way ;)
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2013-11-23, 01:56:53
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Count me in ! :) It would be perfect event
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2013-11-24, 18:22:17
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Israel. I'd like to participate, but I need to know the date of party some weeks before. The bad news that we need to work. :(