Author Topic: new iMac Pro 18 cores  (Read 2373 times)

2017-12-18, 20:52:20


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I'm writing this post to know if somebody get chance to purchase the new iMac Pro 18 cores, and test corona render last 1.7 with 3dsmax with bootcamp, this benchmark interest me to compare with other big PC station.


2017-12-19, 09:49:03
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If you know the exact processor model, you can probably find it on our benchmark list and compare it with others:

2017-12-21, 01:56:39
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From what I googled its "Xeon Ws" whatever that is.

From what I found there are no benchmarks done yet, it should be up to 38% faster than similar older models. But I havent found any real data
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2017-12-21, 02:40:08
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It's Xeon 'W', not WS :- ). Big difference actually, they're lower clocked single-socket LGA2066 platform chips to meet smaller thermal footprint (to fit into the all-in-one design).

The 18 core Xeon W-2195 is basically Xeon version of i9 1980XE, -10perc. the clock, and only 140W compared to 165W. Less power for the same humungous price (2k euro).

Since base-score of i9 7980XE is 3300 Cinebench R15 multithreaded score, the Xeon W-2195 would be roughly <3000 points +/-. That's performance you can get with 800 euro costing 16-core Threadripper for comparison, but the Intel can utilize instruction sets probably better so it might come ahead of it in Corona and other Embree based software.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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2018-01-01, 17:22:14
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I've just posted a similar test here with a 18 core consumer cpu. Anyway, the new 18 core MAC should be pretty expensive and if your'e going to use it with windows it kinda defeat the point of having a MAC in my opinion. Of course if you don't really care about budget is a good option but you can have similar or better performance with much less nowdays.