Author Topic: Texture on a corona light  (Read 2917 times)

2017-12-08, 16:53:17


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Is it possible to ad a texture to a Corona light? I'm looking to get some more realistic reflections on a blank surface.

One solution is to make a plane with a light emitting texture on it, but as soon as I turn up the intensity to properly light my scene the lighttexture gets blown.

2017-12-08, 17:03:10
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It would be good if you'd explain a bit more about what you want to achieve...

But to your questions: you can add a texture to the light by creating the geometry yourself and assigning the Corona Light material to it. This is what Corona Light does internally after all.

As for the intensity of the light, of course the texture gets blown! Try looking into a real-life strong light... You can adjust the exposure to see more of the texture, but then the image will be darker of course.

2017-12-08, 21:48:57
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I'm not sure what you want to achieve, but I have the feeling that the ray-switch material and/or the composition tag could be what you're looking for.

2017-12-08, 22:59:19
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:) hmmm... yes, you can use 32bpc EXR/HDR for image based lighting even if it's just a mesh with a texture ;)

e.g. Polygon has Corona Light Material applied to it, sample hdr used is from

& couple of other nice light packs:
- Lightsmith Collection from (below, in the middle)
- it's also very easy to make your own, out of any light source ;)

although IBL is most commonly done using an equirectangular hdr image mapped on an environmental sphere (or cube...) - but lacks maneuverability with animations & interiors... so here are some extra tools for more control: