Author Topic: Caustics and dispersion  (Read 1955 times)

2017-11-25, 15:50:37

Paul Jones

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I've got to produce some sample render of some jewelery, and will need dispersion and caustics. Having done some years ago in finalrender what was great was to have a separate Caustics RE, and also a caustics multiplier per material. VMC and bidir seems to have disappeared at the moment, any info would be appreciated!

2017-11-27, 11:11:26
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  • Marcin
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Unfortunately Corona does not handle caustics very well right now, but improvements are planned:

For now, you can either:
1) Lower MSI to 0 (or set it to some very high value like 200+) and use dispersion + caustics enabled
2) Try with bidir/vcm/others. They are still there (in devel/debug), but they may not support dispersion. Here is how to find them:

2018-02-18, 09:54:04
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I did a short tutorial for rendering caustics with ease in corona: