Author Topic: Rebus is sending me noisy images - deadline tomorrow  (Read 1310 times)

2017-09-03, 10:14:55


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Hi all,

I have a serious problem i'v been trying to get my images rendered on Rebus for over 2 days now.
I set the limit to 250 passes but all my images come out noisy.

Like really noisy, then I made a testscene, just a tree and plane/hdri map sent it over it gets back super noisy.
The thing is, on my machine 75 passes are cleaner then 250 passes on rebus.

Now i'v been using Rebus for over 2 years and never had any problems like this.
I even downgraded to hotfix 1 because they haven't added hotfix 2 yet.

then I tried another renderfarm and I got the same result. So now i'm starting to think its on my end.
I tried resetting rendersettins but nothing helps.

Please someone, i'm running against a hard deadline with no solution in sight.
Also re-installed corona. And tried it even in an older version of max.

Kind regards,
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2017-09-04, 10:06:44
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Cyanhide already contacted us about this via support and we are looking into this.
If anyone else is experiencing similar issues, please contact us about this at

2017-11-02, 21:23:47
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I had the same problem with my latest 3 projects. All scenes were large scenes using between 50gb-70gb of RAM. The scenes worked fine on my workstation (64gb+hdd virtual memory), but would come out noisy (looked like less than 1 pass) on Rebus. The solution was that they manually set me on a 128Gb of ram render node to fix the problem.

The thing is that after discussing with them today they explained that ALL progressive renders go always on 64Gb ram nodes. So for me this is a problem with every scene that gets close to 64Gb has a very big chance (last 3/3 projects) of not coming out well.

2017-11-03, 19:33:40
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And just another reason for Corona to really focus on it's memory management.  At present, it's almost unusable on anything remotely complex unless you have Nasa-esque workstations

2017-11-06, 17:11:43
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uhu - Had a 32Gb laptop, always borderline ok for scenes - pumped it up to 64Gb, same scene suddenly uses 64Gb RAM - I suppose the caching on the disk is smaller then - begs the question if there is a way to "set-a-memory-limit-manualy" inside corona, instead of corona eating away all the ram it possibly can >> kills all other software running and 9 out of 10 crashes my computer

didn't have those problems with rebusfarm yet - im getting different annoying problems like rebus-plugin resetting my rendertime from "0" to 2h50m40s - every time i upload driving me nuts