Author Topic: "Cleaning up" Stuck when using DR in 1.6.1  (Read 2078 times)

2017-06-05, 22:01:19


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I saw someone in the 1.7 daily with the same issue, but it wasn't reported here.

When I render on my workstation + enable the DR and the render finishes, Corona starts the "cleaning up" message. This process never stops. It keeps on running. I am however able to continue to use 3ds max, save my output and everything else (didn't try to rerender though).

When I quit max (2016 sp4) it gave the attached pop up.

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2017-06-05, 23:11:04
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could you try to create a minidump during the "cleaning up" phase?

2017-07-21, 09:46:59
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David Males

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Did you manage to find solution/what is causing problem here?
Happening to me on regular basis when using DR 1.6.1 and it's getting quite annoying..

In my case 3dsmax usually gets frozen during this cleaning up stage so it's even more frustrating, fortunately I can still save the renders but I'm not sure if they've been denoised or not..

2017-07-21, 10:02:26
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We're finding that denoising and cleanup in 1.6hf1 in general is super slow on very high-res renders (we're doing a lot of 8k/12k renders at the moment). We had one crash out on us during the cleanup phase a couple weeks ago, but nothing since then. This is without DR.
Alex York

2020-06-25, 21:55:52
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Hi! Did Someone manage it?

2020-06-26, 08:46:08
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Hi! Did Someone manage it?

This post is more than 3 years old, I'd recommend creating a new detailed report describing your issue. Including which Corona and Max versions you are using.

Also if you are still using 1.6 you should definately upgrade to the latest version of Corona.


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