Author Topic: Need some light on Corona for Maya.  (Read 9012 times)

2017-05-04, 09:01:05


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Can some one help me by sharing some tuts or documentations for corona maya plugin.

My eager query for corona. Can I change the noise pattern by giving x number(s) irrespective of sampling.
As an example vray  gives dmc sampler through which one can change the noise pattern.
by applying setAttr("vraySettings.dmcs_random Seed",XXXX) in pre render mel under the render setup. 

Is this stuff possible with corona.

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2017-05-09, 12:09:59
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Hi, generally the Maya plugin is very old, and its development has been halted. We are not able to provide any kind of tech support specifically for the Maya plugin, until official development is started (which will happen at some point in the near future).

In the 3ds Max version, you can find "lock sampling pattern" option in the Performance tab. Unchecking it will make the noise pattern random across all rendered frames. This is sometimes needed when using denoising in post production, to get rid of visible static splotches.
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