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Please don't create new feature request threads, unless you cannot find your feature request on this list.

This is a comprehensive list of all the pending feature requests in this forum. It serves for a quick overview of the requested features for both the developers and users.
If there is a request in the forums that is not in this list and it's older than one week, please let me know through a private message.

Save lightmix settings into camera or scene -,14647.0.html
Don't apply post-process to both images in A/B comparison -,14812.0.html
Apply post-process only on certain objects (maybe mask-based?) -,15893.0.html

Cache for displaced geometry -,14984.0.html
Global displacement toggle -,11453.0.html
Displacement preview in viewport -,15833.0.html
Vector displacement -,16249.0.html

Multipass settings to render settings -,14215.0.html,12187.0.html
Make depth in ZDepth pass able to use camera focal distance -,15010.0.html

Option to show material channels in viewport for Corona Mat. (a.k.a. Editor tab in Corona material) -,12389.0.html
Simple material presets -,12730.0.html
Max corona shader preset importer -,11244.0.html
Various material editor UI changes -,13808.0.html
Exclude material from material override -,14767.0.html
Maxwell to Corona material converter -,14424.0.html
Substance to Corona material converter -,15833.0.html

Layered material
Layered material copying/saving/loading -,13721.0.html
Layered material ignores Material IDs -,14447.0.html
Re-arranging layers in layered material -,16350.0.html

Shaders and maps:
New falloff shader with more controls -,16073.0.html
Possibility to use image alpha in opacity channel map -,14063.0.html
Color variance shader (e.g. different color per instance) -,11824.0.html
Invert checkbox for some material maps -,14091.0.html
Add a hue slider to Corona Output shader -,14587.0.html
Curvature shader -,17107.0.html
Fresnel curve for control over fresnel reflectivity -,14803.0.html,12206.0.html

Lights and sky:
Emission texture for Corona light -,13607.0.html
Corona sky with texture slot for easy HDRI setup -,13713.0.html

Better viewport material preview -,14793.0.html,15833.0.html
Preview AO unoccluded shader in viewport -,13969.0.html

Corona proxy:
Quick exporting of data for Corona proxy -,11232.0.html
Corona proxy vs. polygon selection tag -,14944.0.html
Faster proxy handling, better proxy preview -,13002.0.html

Simple tweaks:
Temperature in light material -,12353.0.html   
Render to viewport respects camera limits -,11292.0.html
Place Corona shader menu directly to Create material menu -,13476.0.html
AO shader would fill-in subshader if placed over existing shader -,13969.0.html

Support for high-res rendering -,12342.0.html
Official license server integration -,11184.0.html
Spline and point render -,14919.0.html
Dump EXR for all animation frames -,15796.0.html
Support for foreground (and other object primitives) -,15842.0.html
Show noise level on TR clients -,15918.0/topicseen.html
Texture baking -,14727.0.html
Camera perspective correction -,16562.0.html
Incremental scene processing in animations -,16991.0.html
Corona VFB docking -

Needs support in CoronaCore:
Export of post-process settings to LUT -,15310.0.html
Sky with volumetrics -,14920.0.html
Complex reflectance function -,16073.0.html

What will be done:
Render selected object -,11179.0.html,11440.0.html,15765.0.html
Node based material editor -,13311.0.html,12730.0.html
Front/back material -,11701.0.html
Interactive render -,13585.0.html,14921.0.html
Light lister -,14093.0.html
Deformation motion blur -,14022.0.html
Heterogenous media (and VDB support) -,13469.0.html
Togglable layers in layered material -,15507.0.html
Texture mixing -,14809.0.html
Hair shader -,11829.0.html
Shadowcatcher material

What we will probably not gonna do (unless something changes):
Texture mapping in Corona bitmap instead of only in texture tag -,15193.0.html
Multiple IR views at once -,13997.0.html
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