Author Topic: Show Render Elements inside Corona Interactive as Extended Viewport  (Read 1177 times)

2017-04-18, 10:39:16


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Hi !
dont know if it is able already or not, but would be great to see the render elements even
as corona IR is inside an extended viewport, like a list or with up\down arrows...

thanks !

2018-06-14, 19:15:41
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2018-06-15, 11:51:52
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We have this thread about some general ir improvements (I just added the elements to the list):
It will be a part of general IR/ui overhaul, but currently I do not know when we could expect it.

2018-06-15, 12:13:06
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We have this thread about some general ir improvements

Could you please turn that thread sticky if it is supposed to be some kind of official summary? Like the "All Color mapping/postproduction feature requests" thread?

It resides on page 12 of the feature request section and no one is ever aware of it currently.

Good Luck

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2018-06-15, 12:33:50
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I recall also request this one a while back as well. Would be great.
Alex York