Author Topic: RFW crashes when saving while rendering.  (Read 943 times)

2016-11-30, 10:59:54


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Hi guys,

Apologies if this has been mentioned already, I di have a quick look!

We render using Deadline and sometimes we want to make an in progress save of a render. If you are browsing for an output filename and the RFW updates then the renderer will crash. Let me know if anything is unclear.


2016-12-06, 14:00:54
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Hi, sorry for the lack of response here. Just some questions to help us understand the issue better:
1. What is RFW?
2. Have you also contacted Deadline support about this?
3. Can you send us a minidump file generated from the crash? Here is how to do it:

2017-04-24, 18:08:23
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old bug report we were unable to reporduce, closing down. Please reopen this issue if you get some similar problems with version 1.6 stable
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