Author Topic: HELP - CoronaExr + Deadline tile assembly  (Read 1094 times)

2016-10-27, 04:20:11


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Hello guys,
I´ve wondered the new format .cexr on corona 1.5, it really will help me on my pipeline.
But I've tried to render a scene using this format on Deadline like a split and the tile assembly task of Deadline dont recognize the .cexr format.
How can I assembly these tiles on Deadline?

below thats a printscreen showing the error.

2016-11-10, 17:29:51
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    • Minmud

Might be a bit late by now, but you if you're a bit handy you could probably modify the deadline script that deals with this. Alternatively, if you post on the Deadline forum I am sure the guys there would help.