Author Topic: Strawberry Cheesecake WIP  (Read 2525 times)

2016-05-16, 20:25:32


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Hi guys,

I know I've been absent from the gallery these months because of  the job ( not a big deal but anyway ), so I've decided to make some cgi food again cause everytime I use Corona I want to eat some sss mats since I was waiting for it for a long time and I'm still not done with it hehe.

This is a work in progress for an om nomnomy strawberry cheesecake scene and as you see It's a start and I will give it some time to improve and enjoy it :p

First I'll think more about some  objects to add and to remove ( Maybe the nutella with the bread is not suitable for this scene :s )
Also I'll use Realflow again for the raspberries...

I'll make the spoon+fork+knife in zbrush since these ones I used are just for this test.

Just to mention that this render took about 2 hours with a 0.5 denoising +another denoiser in photoshop + Arionfx with a i7 4770 for this 2k version.

Cheers :)

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2016-05-30, 03:14:43
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daam, looks really nice
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2016-06-10, 20:16:30
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Looks pretty good. I think, in my opinion, that you would want to make the Silverware a bit more shiny and reflective. They look a bit dull at the moment. I would also look into varying the size and shape of the strawberries. they look the same. I like the setup and I like the sss that you applied to your objects!
Michael Secrist
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