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Hi guys, I'm really sorry if my question is stupid but I really need this :)
I have max 2013 with alpha six installed on it, I really can't find clipping planes (near and far) for the camera
Please help me!! :=)

thanks in advance a lot

Hi guys, can you please provide detailed instructions of all process to make this work?

Here's my problem: I've a camera with coronacameramod modifier applied on it(NOT coronacmameramodAdv), I have  the DoF in corona settings TURNED ON(with wrong focus), I run the script in the correct viewprt and camera selected, put the focus on the object I want(a little dialog windows tells me the right name of the object too), I click ok to the window in which the scripts tells me that targetdist setting is overridden, and I click render. But focus doesn't change.
Tell me where I'm wrong please!!

Thanks a lot in advance

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