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[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Scatter Bleed
« on: 2019-03-11, 13:16:46 »
I think this can be a good article to read:

or this tutorial (although it is for Vray, but perhaps this is now also implemented for Corona?)

I also don't get the point of using a corona normal map in the reflection slot.

I prefer to use the CoronaRaySwitchMtl. Easily adjustable and no need for extra knobs.

It's over +9000!!!

Gallery / Re: West Elm Slope Lounge Chair
« on: 2019-02-05, 12:05:48 »
It surely was a compliment :)

Anyway thanks for the recepie, I will have to experiment with that then.
Can you email you with a few questions? Or would you be able to share bit more here?

I think you can find all the awnsers here:

General CG Discussion / Re: [Useful Scripts\Tools]
« on: 2019-01-17, 11:01:14 »

Has anyone tried this plugin yet? Seems very clever to me...

Gallery / Re: Bygdøy - Exterior visualizations
« on: 2018-12-12, 01:03:45 »
nice images!
the tree and hanging branches look good on 4th this evermotion or from somewhere else?

Seems like 2D cutout to me, a well as all the foreground trees in the rest of the images.

Great work though, must be a hell of a job to get the gaps in the brickwork fit so well.

General CG Discussion / Re: best mouse for 3ds MAX
« on: 2018-11-30, 22:19:58 »
When I read a topic a contour shuttle pro mouse I was coincidentally lead to this mouse which seems very interesting in term of flexible angle adjustment

Is anyone familiar with this mouse? To me it looks very promising.

Gallery / Re: Café Noir
« on: 2018-10-11, 12:29:20 »
Very nice image, but the "coffee" looks more like tea. If this is meant to be then the coffeebeans are are bit off I think.

General CG Discussion / Re: Toon / painterly shader
« on: 2018-10-02, 23:35:23 »
You can also try a free tool called Fotosketcher:

Hi there,

So I got this issue for the first time ever and I'm using Corona V2.

I tried your suggestions, but without luck. I do have some kinda of a pattern because after about ten minutes it just stops. Well actually the time just continues, but the progress bar doesn't do anything. The computer doesn't freeze but I can't cancel the jobs when pressing the "cancel" or "stop" button.

I can see in the task manager that the CPU suddenly drops from 99.7% to an idle 10% or so.

EDIT: I resaved the filed, rebooted and still no luck. It did render a little longer now but still after 15 minutes or so the CPU when back to idle position...

Gallery / Re: Q Meieriene Ultimoo Commercials
« on: 2018-07-23, 18:00:39 »
So besides the nicelely done animation the company went from cartboard packaging to plastic ones? I wonder how they make that (more) recycable, with a fund or something?

General CG Discussion / Re: best mouse for 3ds MAX
« on: 2018-07-19, 13:13:43 »
Interesting to see that alot of users use a vertical mouse, never thought about that. Also the ability to have a dedicated middle mouse button makes it even more interesting! I will dive into those for sure now. Thanks for all the replies, very helpful.

Hmm, I get your point, guess I have to deal with it then. But since I started using 2.0 this started to notice this behaviour so I'm wondering if you did some changes that's causing this now.

Lowering the refresh rate in a certain timeframe wouldn't be that good I think, best would still be to refresh IR once the cam is released as stated before. But I don't suppose you will insert a checkbox for that :)

Thanks for getting back to this topic.

Perhaps I wasn't quite clear given the provided awnser. I think a better behaviour of the IR would be when it only starts updating when you release the camera after you have it set to where you want. Now if you just wait for half a second and you still have your camera selected to change the view it already wants to update so it becomes laggy since it freezes because of the precalcutating of IR.

In other words would it be possible that IR only kicks in when you release your camera after releasing it with your mouse button? With heavy arch viz scenes this would be very preferable to me.

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