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General CG Discussion / The moon
« on: 2019-10-07, 21:51:17 »
Hi there,

NASA released some high detailed textures from the moon's surface. Let's see what corona can do with it :)

[Max] General Discussion / Names of corona map types
« on: 2019-04-25, 10:24:31 »
Hi there,

In the Material/Map Browser I often type the name of a specific map to find it quicker but the problem here is that all the Corona maps start with "Corona". Wouldn't it be more convenient to change "Corona" into just a simple "C"? So for example instead of "CoronaBitmap" it would be "Cbitmap". now you only need to type "cb" to quickly find a "CoronaBitmap" map.

I am aware that when using the SME it isn't a big issue but I still like to use the old fashion CME.

Hope my suggestion is clearly explained.


I noticed in the 2.0 version that IR updates when the cam is slightly changed even though you still want to move the cam. Wouldn't it make more sense that IR only restarts when you release the camera after you set it to your preferences in the viewport? It now becomes a bit laggy when IR contantly refreshes even though you still want to alter the camview.

General CG Discussion / best mouse for 3ds MAX
« on: 2018-06-25, 13:11:24 »
Hi there,

I was wondering if there are any articles or user experiences for suggesting some of the better mice models available for 3d work and especially for working with 3ds MAX.

For me one of the biggest things is that a smooth middle mouse scroll wheel (when pressed) is essential because that is one of the most used features in MAX for navigating in 3d space. I got a Rival mouse from Steel Series since it felt decent, but after a while this thing has some (hardware)troubles when using the scroll wheel which seems to be a known issue since alot of people describe this issue on the web.

Anyway, I'm hoping that some users here can share some insights in decision making of buying a decent mouse for 3DS MAX work. Thanks in advance.

Off-Topic / inc
« on: 2017-05-05, 16:40:50 »

I like books and perhaps you do too.

Here's a nice one from Neil Blevins and some of his collegues:

Spread the word, cheers!

Off-Topic / those people...
« on: 2017-02-13, 00:31:11 »
Is it me or is this the kind of image we see now and then when some interior arch viz is done. This is an actual photo of the Elphilharmonie in Hamburg.

Somehow the people are so well integrated, it almost feels CG.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / tab scroll through corona bitmap
« on: 2016-10-13, 10:59:50 »
Hi there,

Just a little something but hopefully something to look into.

In the standard max bitmap mapping you can easily change the width size and then TAB to go to the height size. In the corona bitmap mapping you have to TAB three times to get there since it first goes to "tiling mode" then "height offset" and then finally to the "height size". I'm aware that it's logic behaviour but I think the default MAX tabbing makes more sense (never thought I'd say that though).

Hi there,

For an upcoming project I have to mimic the brickwork which has been done for "Galerie am Kupfergraben in Berlin" by Chipperfield. I already made some tests with some blending layers in PS but would like to know if someone has good references or ideally is in the possibilty of making some good high res. pictures of this facade that I can use for making textures. If there's any need for compensation please pm me and perhaps we can work something out.

Thanks in advantage.

Hi there,

Just saw that Evermotion is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a very nice free bundle and some discounts on other bundles.

Took me a while to grab the free collection since it's very crowded on their server I guess and I don't know for how long they offer this. So take it while you still can. Too bad Evermotion still doesn't offer any Corona support though. Shame :)

General CG Discussion / StateOfArt #5 Venice
« on: 2014-09-29, 21:54:13 »
Hi there,

Is anyone besides Juraj (and me :) ) on this forum attending the StateOfArt #5 in Venice this weekend?

Looking forward to speak with some more Corona dudes over there.

Hi there,

I've ran into some crashes and I've found a way to reproduce this. It happens when you have a bitmap in the environment slot with viewport background enabled. If you change the bitmap to a Corona sky material it crashes.

Steps to reproduce this.

- load new scene and add a bitmap in the environment slot (8)
- show the map in the viewport (Alt+B)
- change the bitmap that's being shown into a Corona sky and it crashes.

I noticed that a Corona sky can't be viewed in the viewport and also gives problems so that could be the case.

[Max] General Discussion / walls & tiles compatibilty
« on: 2014-07-18, 08:26:35 »
Hi there,

I'm thinking of purchasing the walls & tiles plugin from Vizpark, but am a bit unsure about the compatibility with Corona. Has anyone succesfully adapted this plugin within a Corona environment. Or is there anyone here willing to share his findings on this plugin?

Thanks in advance.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / saving out gamma issues
« on: 2014-06-28, 13:39:04 »
Hi in the latest build I encounter a problem when saving out an image. When I save out an .exr and open it in Photoshop there is a doubled gamma applied and so it washes out the image. Also I don't have the option to override the gamma because the option is greyed out. What to do?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / save region render EUE7 build
« on: 2014-06-20, 13:00:16 »
Hi there,

When I want to save out a region render it just doesn't. It saves out a portion of the region or stays black. anyone else having this issue?

General CG Discussion / moskitos anyone?
« on: 2014-06-03, 13:06:07 »
Hi there,

A few days ago this engine caught my eye and I'm seriously wondering what the bottleneck is (except for having a massive workstation and running on a GPU environment I pressume).

The one thing that I find the most amazing feature is that it handles all sort of (Autodesk) shaders without converting them and is very smoothly integrated within the 3DS MAX environment. Has  anybody used this software already and are there some things that Corona could benefit from?

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