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Gallery / Re: Test Corona Alpha 6
« on: 2014-04-02, 13:16:02 »
Still not clear where to look at. DOF isn't strong enough to understand that vase is on focus. And composition, like romullus said..

Gallery / Re: Depth of Field Test DOF
« on: 2014-04-02, 13:10:35 »
Nice try.
Some tips:
Blue sofa material is not convincing, it is hard to see diffuse map.
Also why the lamp is on? It makes lighting very strange when the sun and lamp shines together in this situation.

Gallery / Re: Black and Gold
« on: 2014-04-02, 13:05:18 »
Inspiring. Very well done!
Nice wood and fabrics.
Bit too dark for my taste, but that's probably what you wanted :)

Gallery / Furniture renders
« on: 2014-03-31, 11:42:47 »
Fast, simple, innovative, amazing. It's corona!

I really like this rendering engine.

These are my first renders done in this software. Couple of hours for modeling in sketchup, and then playing with A6. Each took 2 hours to render, only first one rendered bit longer.

Used only corona sun + corona env.

C&C are welcome :)

Gallery / Re: exterior (a5)
« on: 2014-03-14, 20:01:22 »
Nice grass. Would love to see more :)

Gallery / Re: Corona Renderer sample scene
« on: 2014-03-13, 22:55:06 »
It is nice when you watch it deeper. All that detail, shaders.. But the first impression(mostly important) when I saw these in my smartphone was not attractive. Probably that dark wood with blue color makes such an impression.
And one more thing. Corona is really capable of performing super realistic renders, but what about artistic? These images should not only be good from technical side, all that composition and lighting tricks are catchy also :)

Gallery / Re: Corona Renderer sample scene
« on: 2014-03-13, 09:27:46 »
Why so conservative and usual scene? It's Corona - new, fast, simple, clear. Interior should scream about these words :)

Gallery / Re: Play time.
« on: 2014-01-13, 11:55:19 »
I like overal view, but wood materials aren't believable. It is too dry for me, no reflections at all :)

Gallery / Re: Berlin Flat/Flat
« on: 2014-01-13, 11:52:17 »
Amazing design. I like the overall mood, lighting, details. It profesional from both sides: rendering and designing :)

Gallery / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: 2014-01-07, 23:52:01 »
Thats something! I like how clean it is. It's good in all ways. composition, lighting, atmosphere :)

Gallery / Re: Night Scene
« on: 2014-01-07, 23:49:37 »
I like genereal mood.

I would improve landscape. Maybe add more variety of vegetation and grass looks like plastic imho ;)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Corona v5 interface problem
« on: 2013-08-13, 22:11:04 »
Thank you. First tests make good impression and gives enthusiasm to study it more. I think this topic can be errased :)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Corona v5 interface problem
« on: 2013-08-13, 21:11:34 »
So there is no any documentary which can help me with this render engine? Only forum?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Corona v5 interface problem
« on: 2013-08-13, 16:32:31 »
I would like to learn corona, but I've got a problem. On I see different interface than it is in my 3d max. What should I do to change it like in documentary?Even post production settings are different and I can not find intensity multiplier and highlight burn. I know it is probably easy to change, but I can not find solution.

1st. attachment - online documentary
2nd. my 3d max render settings.
Thanks in advance.

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