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Gallery / The Road
« on: 2018-09-26, 13:54:54 »
The road. I made this scene using different Megascans assets.
First time use of the Quixel mixer and I'm loving it.

Work in Progress/Tests / Mercedes Benz W196
« on: 2018-09-21, 19:36:10 »
For a new personal project I'm building a scene with a Mercedes Benz W196.
So far I built a coastline scene with megascans assets. I did the road with quixel mixer. The car is a basic model from grabcad which I will share and detail extra.
I'm adding vegetation and small props to the environment later on.

Any suggestions or comments so far? Let me know what you think.

Gallery / Scarlet Ibis
« on: 2018-09-20, 11:57:49 »
My father bought this awesome scarlet Ibis at a taxidermist and I just had to scan it and make a scene for it :-)
I used Reality capture for the Ibis, the rest of the scene is populated with Megascans assets and of course rendered with Corona.

Is it in any way possible to view emission through a transparant shader?

I need to render out a lamp shade with a glass material. Inside is a corona light turned on. When I look at the
emission render element the light is not visible through the refraction, in fact the whole image stays black.

Am I missing something here?

[Max] I need help! / looking for a specific forum post.
« on: 2018-09-18, 11:01:27 »
So A while ago, maybe one or two weeks I saw a post on the forum in which someone showed how they created a swimming pool material. There were a few screens from the material editor and all of the shaders settings.
I've searched all the recent posts and did a few tag searched but I can't find the post :-(, and no I can't find it in my history.

The subject as I recall it was a hotel of some sort with a pool which had also lighting in it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Gallery / PhotogrammeTree
« on: 2018-09-17, 15:40:11 »
Right so a photogrammetry project of a tree trunk. Reality Capture to scan, added some Megascans assets to fill up the
scene a little bit.

Gallery / The Broccoli project
« on: 2018-09-04, 14:57:47 »
This project I did at work to get a better understanding of photogrammetry and realistic rendering.
I used Reality Capture to scan all the broccoli pieces, I did the water splash with Max liquid and added a few bubbles by poly painting them.
The steam/vapour was added in photoshop.

[Max] I need help! / OpenVDB within a global volume material
« on: 2018-07-24, 13:48:12 »
So I'm rendering a cloud openvdb I downloaded for a test. I have a global volume material. The result shows that the openvdb as a whole is rendered as a cloudy box. I used inside and outside volume to test if that was the problem but that didn't solve it.
Am I missing something here?

Attached two images, one with the problem and one with only sun and sky and a cloud.

I'm trying to create a night scene with lots of atmospheric fog and if possible openvdb / volumegrid clouds.

Simple setup with a few boxes and polygons. Corona camera is animated to a curve via path constraint.
When I open the vfb without rendering and scrubbing the timeline max crashes. Also when interactive rendering.
No textures, plain CoronaMtl. Corona sun and sky for lighting.

See attached scene.

Gallery / Glasses
« on: 2018-07-05, 19:54:51 »
For a new concept I had to model a pair of glasses. I created all the smallest detail in the model for a high res shot.
I used Corona 2 for rendering and played a bit with the new bokeh options. The rocks are megascans assets.

I did minimal post in photoshop.

Gallery / 3d scan succulent
« on: 2018-04-06, 16:14:24 »
This is a test scene I'm working to improve my photogrammetry skills. I used reality capture to create the 3d scan and added a few small details in 3ds max. A bit of grading with After Effects.

Gallery / Photogrammetry test
« on: 2018-03-19, 14:57:58 »
A few photogrammetry test I did at our company. Scans created in Photoscan and retopology in Zbrush. Of course rendered in Corona.

Gallery / Photogrammetry Winston Overwatch
« on: 2018-02-15, 15:23:27 »
For a recent project here at Isaac VR I wanted to improve my skills with photogrammetry. Attached is a render and somewhat of a little breakdown.

Gallery / Green screen set extention
« on: 2017-12-22, 16:20:01 »
I did this for a project to visualize a bigger greenscreen set.

Gallery / City at night
« on: 2017-12-15, 16:02:14 »
For a Mixed reality concept for ISAAC VR, I created this scene based upon a model by Mostusk.
I created all shading and lighting from scratch. A bit of texturing work was done by my colleague Ramses.

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