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I need help / Re: How to do a rainbow
« on: 2017-08-31, 17:25:18 »
Thanks Pokoy, because I've spent hours trying to get the right color spectrum, which is not always the same and with the same width for each color.

This is where takes action the diffraction of each bubble as your article explains. And yes, these milibubbles can't be seen because of natural interpolation of the human eyes.

This could be the definitive solution, although I'm still waiting the opinion of my client.

I'll let you know what do my client think.

Thanks Pokoy. :)

I need help / Re: How to do a rainbow
« on: 2017-08-31, 14:17:17 »
Interesting challenge but I have to deal first with my clients...Really exigent and detalists.

I need help / Re: How to do a rainbow
« on: 2017-08-31, 12:22:32 »

Thank you very much Ramullus!!. :) :) :)

I never used the Corona's mix map native option and it works like a carm!.

It is really important for me because of the needing of manipulate the rainbows in this project. This is the main feature here.

Thank you very much all.

Best regards.

I need help / Re: How to do a rainbow
« on: 2017-08-31, 03:49:33 »
Hello and thanks for your help JoeVallard.  :) :) :)

Please let me ask for your help once again:

I don't know how I can get one fading which allows the rainbow to disappear in the water.
And now thanks to your tweaks, I can get the fading in the external borders.

I don't know how to combine both fadings, the one of the external borders (thanks to you JoeVallard) and the original one which I don't know NOW how to obtain that, because I have copied all the settings from the material and I don't know why I can't get it. I think it must depend on and older UVWMAP modifier I applied and erased (after thousand of tests) and I lost the method.

I attach the original rainbow (the bigger one and in the external side) and the new rainbow (in the internal side) inside of the same render.

My goal was the combination of both fadings. Any idea?

I need help / Re: How to do a rainbow
« on: 2017-08-30, 14:35:54 »
Is the "rainbow.jpg" a render of yours Joe Vallard?.

In case of yes, it's a really good approach.

Thanks in advance.

I need help / How to do a rainbow
« on: 2017-08-30, 04:38:17 »
Hello friends.

I was wondering how to do a rainbow like in the photos of reference: reference1 and reference2.

The settings of my rainbow material are: material_settings.

And the result till now are: results_till_now.

I would like to reach the fading in the external borders of the rainbow. I tried with a falloff map in the transparency slot but didn't work.

I would like as a plus the look of plumbing self_illumination although I understand that it is more usual with a plumbic sky (dark clouds and low environmental illumination).

Thanks in advance.


I watched yesterday this new plugin for SketchUp.

Could be something like that from Corona?.

Thank you Maru and good point.

Meanwhile I'm gonna try to search It un Stackoverflow.

Thank you.

Chesemsmsmsm, thank you.

I understand that you tried It with Chrome.

Best regards.

Aha Frood.

Well, if anyone can test my html page in Google Chrome...I think that this will leave clear if it's a local problem or a general problem.

I suppose that this must be a local problem (due to some wrong setting which I still haven't found) but please, I encourage you to make this simple test please.

Thank you in advance.


Romullus, yes. Look at the capture of my Chrome's advanced configuration.

Thank you.

Thank you very much. Hence I can say that this can't be watched with Google Chrome, no?.

Haha, yes, I think I must do something with it (with the alignment).

Is it usual that couldn't be watched with all the web browsers except Chrome?. There's nothing we can do in order to fix it?.

Best regards and thank you.


Yes, I can't display it in the Google Chrome web browser neither in the firefox .

Here you are the files nedded.

I don't think that this could be due to the update of the Java's virtual machine.

Kind regards.


No, my client can't watch it too.

Maybe I should attatch the files and ask you to make some test.

Kind regards.

Hello mates.

I'm trying to make my first panorama 360 for a client.

And I can watch it in the Microsoft's EDGE webbrowser but I can't watch it in any other webbrowser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

I tried to do it equalrectangular, equalsquare at more than 2000pixels size in any of its dimensions...

Any idea for solving this issue?.

Thank you.

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