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I would like to know if you have had some issue when tried to export a scene with the Awesome Grasswalds for Blender.
I tried it last friday with a huge scene I'm working on and I could complete the export phase.
Did you tried some export with this add-on?.
I suppose that there's no problem exporting Blender's native particle systems to Corona Blender renderengine.
Thanks in advance.


I would like to know if I can save the glare and bloom effects when I save my image as .png with the Alpha channel.

Is there any way to do this?.

Kind regards.

I need help / How to do a rainbow
« on: 2017-08-30, 04:38:17 »
Hello friends.

I was wondering how to do a rainbow like in the photos of reference: reference1 and reference2.

The settings of my rainbow material are: material_settings.

And the result till now are: results_till_now.

I would like to reach the fading in the external borders of the rainbow. I tried with a falloff map in the transparency slot but didn't work.

I would like as a plus the look of plumbing self_illumination although I understand that it is more usual with a plumbic sky (dark clouds and low environmental illumination).

Thanks in advance.


I watched yesterday this new plugin for SketchUp.

Could be something like that from Corona?.

Hello mates.

I'm trying to make my first panorama 360 for a client.

And I can watch it in the Microsoft's EDGE webbrowser but I can't watch it in any other webbrowser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

I tried to do it equalrectangular, equalsquare at more than 2000pixels size in any of its dimensions...

Any idea for solving this issue?.

Thank you.

I need help / How to do a planet like in this photo
« on: 2017-03-30, 12:35:59 »

I need to create a planet for a scene which I need for a client inside a series of a robot.

I would like to create this degradation between the planet and its atmoshpere, with this smoooth degradation (see "reference" image attached).

I have by now this image (test).

And the materials settings (materials).

I tried to add some kind of falloff property applied to the opacity and transparency setting of the planet material making it gradually more transparent near the exterior of the planet but I couldn't reach to any satisfactory result.

Any idea?.

I've attached the scene in order to see if it's easier and faster for you make some test.

Thank you very much in advance.

I need help / How can I create this material?
« on: 2017-01-30, 22:31:24 »
I want to create an electric crusher with some text keemping the transparency like you can imagine.
My best test, the one attached is this (crusher_test.png).
And my materials attachments (materials.png) shows the material used for the glass zone with text and the another for the rest or the body of glass(materials2.png).
Thank you in advance.

I'm in a hurry: how could I create infinite reflections between two reflective planes and one of them with transparency?

The idea is to get infinite reflections where each reflection fade out in each iteration...It's like trying to achieve a sensation of movement with a few frames...But they have to be seen only in the mirror plane.

I expected to create reflections between the two planes practically till the infinite varying the IOR in their reflection properties panel.

I attatch the result (only one reflection in each plane, 2 reflections in total) and a simple scheme of the main idea.

Kind regards.

I'm in a hurry: please could you help me with how to project a shadow from an object which I don't want to be seen?.

I'm using 3DSMAX.

The scene needs to place some furniture in a room which is a 2Dimage as background. But the room has a lot of cristals/windows which have frames which projects shadows over the furniture I want to place. So I decided to model approaching the frames and cristals to the 2D image in order to project "accuratelly" the shadows, but I don't want that the model of the room can be seen: I need its shadows but I don't want to be seen.

3DSMAX has via Object->Properties>Hide_To-Camera option which worked for me in the past, but I fear that this could be due to corona Renderer.

Would you know how to help me?.

Thanks in advance

Has corona anything like "toon core" in the case of vRay?.

I need this finishing and I would love to know hwther Corona has something like that or not.

I've been reading in this section (I need help) a bit about a "wireframe shader" but I don't know if some kind of solution has been implemented by Corona in the latest months (the thread was a bit old).

Thanks in advance.



When I have two types of lights in the same scene and at the same time:

a).-A Corona Sunlight.
b).-A Corona "normal" Light.

I can't see any illumination from the corona "normal" lights. Should I increase the power of these lights?.
Why do they seem to be turned off?.

I need help / How would you implement this material?
« on: 2015-05-27, 23:45:46 »

As a newbye with this render engine, I'd like to know if anyone here could help me with the creation of this material I've seen in this photo. The question is taht I want to create this perfume and you can watch the reference for my goal, the settings in my slate material editor (I'm using 3DSMAX2014) and my previous render.

So here you are:
First the reference of the perfume and then the settings in the slate material editor.

Which could be the solution?. I suppose there are more than one way to solve this.

The problem is that I can't see the black letters of "platinum". :-/

Thank you in advance.



I've seen that Corona has a feature called "Global Volume Material" but after some tests Icouldn't achieve an effect of volumetric light like in this video I paste here:

Maybe I'm a newbye in Corona but I'm very interested on it.

At least I've achieved an effect of fog but which can't create such a scattering of the light.

I've watched a pair of tricks to achieve this reated with a plane normal to the camera but this is a fake.

Anyone knows if the "Global Volume Material" feature is what I'm looking for inside Corona?.

Thanks in advance.

I need help / How does displacement work in Corona?
« on: 2014-12-19, 14:44:03 »
I've tried to make it worl but I haven't found and change through changes in the settings.

Is there any tutorial or documentation where it is explained?.

The only thing which it's sure that works for me is the native modifier of "displacement" for 3DSMAX.

I haven't found changes through the material setting or the general renderer setting in Corona.


Do you have any tutorial or guide where we can learn how to use the settings available in corona in order to achieve a good comprehension of this feature?

Thank you.

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