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No problem. Glad to be able to help.

I did upload the Bug Report earlier. Do you need a new one?

OK. Thanks for the information.

I have uploaded the files for you.

Whenever I try to render a scene in r21 using Intel CPU AI Denoising the render crashes. I'm using the latest version of Corona Render 4 (hot fix 3) on a Mac. If I switch to Corona high quality denoising then everything works fine. This happens with any scene I have or newly create. Is this a known issue?

Thanks. Good to know.

I have an animation of some book pages being turned. The pages are made from a MoSpline object. My problem is that I can't get motion blur to work with it. Does motion blur in Corona simply not work with a MoSpline object?

I have an object that requires that it receive no shadows. Unfortunately, the Corona Composite tag doesn't include an option for wether or not something Receives Shadows like the Cinema 4D Composite Tag does. Unfortunately the object throwing the shadow needs to Cast Shadows on other objects so I can't uncheck the Cast Shadows checkmark in the Corona Composite tag. And the Cinema 4D Composite tag has no affect (at least as far as Receive Shadows goes). Is there something else I can do? I've tried just about everything I can think of.


Thanks for all the advice. It looks like using image sequences did the trick for me. I rendered 1047 frames overnight and had no problems.

Actually it seems the images just need to be in a folder right next to the .c4d file regardless of the name. Hope it works.

I guess I take that back. I just needed to place all the images in a "tex" folder. They had been in another folder with another name. Thanks.

Well, that doesn't seem to work. I'm unable to load an image sequence. Is there a way to do that?

It's an MP4. I didn't realize you could do a texture with an image sequence. I'll have to give that a try.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll check out those tips and see what I can do. Thanks.

I have a 20 second animation that uses a high resolution video for a texture. Every time I do a render it goes for about 150-200 frames and then stops due to insufficient RAM (See error message below). Often it's not just Cinema 4D that crashes but my entire machine locks up. I'm on a 2013 Mac Pro, 32BG RAM and r19. I realize I may be pushing my luck here, but are there any render settings I can adjust that would reduce the amount of RAM needed to render my scene? I have tried checking "Conserve memory (slower)" under Performance Settings but I still run out of RAM.

Thanks for any help.

===== Warning(10004) =====
System is running low on RAM. You may experience excessive parsing times and/or crashes. You will probably have to simplify the scene.

4 GB of physical RAM used by Cinema 4D
26.1 GB of virtualized* RAM used by Cinema 4D
32.8 GB of virtualized* RAM used by all running applications
32 GB of physical RAM installed on system
33 GB of virtualized* RAM provided by OS

* virtualized RAM means physical RAM + swap file on HDD/SSD

Corona RAM usage breakdown:
  197.8 MB beauty/multi-pass

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