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Jobs / Francisco Gallego 3D Architectural Visualiser
« on: 2019-01-12, 12:03:16 »
Hello ,my name is Francisco Gallego (kiko) and I give you my portfolio

I have extensive experience 3d modeling and rendering.
I am currently working with 3ds max 2019 and Corona renderer ,but I have extensive knowledge Vray
and maya.... and I adapt quickly to any type of software.

I created my own materials as well as specific textures with programs such as Substance Designer ..

Autocad drawings are perfectly interpreted as well as notions in the creation of still images and 360
degreea images to view them on mobile tablets or pc.

I also have notions of Unreal Engine 4 and Virtual Realite , Basics material ,and
creation environments etc...

In postproducion I am expert in Photoshop,After Effects and Adobe Premiere and
average expert in Nuke.

You can contact me via:
Phone:+34661666087 Spain

Portfolio 3d Architecture 2018.

360 Image



Portfolio online general.



Thanks for you time.
Francisco Gallego Torres

Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 3 problem with show VFB
« on: 2019-01-10, 11:24:37 »
thanks for the answer.

Corona VFB gets replaced with the 3ds Max VFB?? Is that right?   YEES

The problem is When I render the final image I do not get the options corona renderer, I render it with the 3dsmax.

you can see the image is more good explain.

The image is a simple reference.

only with 3dsmax 2019  i have delete configuration 3dsmax and returns the windows corona renderer.

only pass this with corona3

Bug Reporting / Corona 3 problem with show VFB
« on: 2018-12-28, 12:57:03 »
Hi people , I have a problem with corona 3 and 3dsmax 2019,for a while it`s going well the render and you can see the typical frame corona , you can modify exposure etc..

but suddenly it stops working and goes to the 3dsmax windows frame, not the crown.

Start interactive works correctly but with the normal render no.

the only solution to clear the inds configuration of 3dsmax   Folder ENU

With corona 2 work all good.

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