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Hi Corona folks! I'm on a hunt for some consistent Corona training from entry level up.
Could you please kindly help? Any recommendation warmly welcomed!

Jobs / Simple exterior corrections to existing files
« on: 2019-03-19, 10:35:42 »
Hi All!

I have got a two day work to get done on a table. All prepared, but requires some love and attention before presentation.
All files avaliable. We have all hands busy and need help with it.

Drop me a line to:

if you can help and earn.



I have two externals to cooperate on. Looking for skilled partners. Collage with existing site image. Model Avaliable. Deadline 15th of March.

Please drop a message to


Jobs / JOB/High End Residential
« on: 2019-02-01, 13:53:07 »
Hi Guys and Girls, I'm looking for partners to create 5 high end residential images with stunning views out of apartment in northern Europe.
Please drop me a line if you're intrested to: and we can take it from there.


Hi guys and gals,

we're looking for partners to beautifully visualize yet another housing project of ours and looking for partners in crime.

There is 5 External images and 5 internal images to be delivered. If you're a freelancer and you think it's too big, we might consider spliting internals and externals into two separate studios.

Please apply to

Looking forward to talk to you!


Jobs / Job / 2 or 3 extl residentional arch
« on: 2019-01-07, 13:15:51 »
Hi guys,
I need help with 2 perhaps 3 external image to around 18th January. Please contact me with portfolio or samples of external architectures to



Hi Guys, I'm back with some more info. Anyone interested in making two images of an aviation museum? Deadline by 9th Dec, less modeling, more paining and ps. Let me know to info@ministryofimages.

Jobs / Arch Viz Job for a reliable studio/vizualiser
« on: 2018-11-23, 10:32:58 »
Hi Guys, I've work to  get done by 10th Dec.

3 images: Birds eye view, two ground perspectives. Aviation pavilion and housing with landscape.

Anyone interested? Please mail to


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