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ahh of course, that fixes it. if i may comment on one thing: while you change the minutes, when you go over 59 to 0, the sun moves correctly, but the hour stays the same. So for example if i'm at 14h 50m and start increasing the minutes, after 59m the sun location correctly shows 15h 10m for example, however the hour indicator is still stuck at 14h. Hope it makes sense!

thanks and i'll test it out with 2020 tomorrow.
edit: tested it on 2020 and i get the same error unfortunately..

i've tried it on 2018, though i also have 2020 installed.

hey i would love to use your script however i get this error. what am i doing wrong?

Corona Goodies! - User contributions / Re: Panorama Exporter
« on: 2020-07-02, 17:31:06 »
I am having problems with this plugin too, and was wondering if there are any news / changes about the plugin. It successfully exports for me, however the html shows a black page. Anyone still using the plugin?

Bug Reporting ARCHICAD - resolved / Re: saving materials
« on: 2018-12-01, 17:11:11 »
True, however compared to what ArchiCAD offers this is a huge step up. You should consider posting it to ArchiCAD forums - I'm pretty sure it would get a lot of attention there.

Bug Reporting ARCHICAD - resolved / Re: saving materials
« on: 2018-12-01, 12:52:27 »
Scattering in ArchiCAD - that is amazing to see. Your plugin works great Svetlana, apart from a few little bugs. Any plans to create the guide video in English?

General CG discussion / Re: Exporting from Archicad to 3DS
« on: 2018-11-17, 17:44:02 »
So here's a nice workflow I've been using the past month or so. Twinmotion plugin for ArchiCAD allows you to export in FBX. Then once the file is linked in 3ds Max, all you have to do is save an updated file in ArchiCAD, and reload the FBX in 3ds. Make sure to check the "keep material assignment" boxes in 3ds to maintain your materials in Corona.
To install Twinmotion, you can download the demo file from their website, and install their product manager software. Then launch the software and you will see an option to install the ArchiCAD plugin. It works fine on demo and you won't need a license. Let me know if this works good for you - and attach a screenshot of the problem you have so I can see if it's something I've experienced as well.

Any news on this request? Would love to have a tool similar to Vray's Light Analysis tools.

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