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Gallery / Re: Pure-Colors UHD 3D Film(Teaser_1#)
« on: 2020-01-23, 16:53:09 »
Superb quality. I agree with the others, get rid of the camera shake or if you really want to keep it then rework it to make it more realistic.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Rendering a huge image
« on: 2020-01-14, 12:36:37 »
What is going on here, a 40K image for a truck that will be seen from distance of at least few meters ?

It's that time of a year for this discussion again : /.

The FS video is good enough answer.

I am pretty sure many of us know what you know, but the real problem is the clients barely know those things and/or they simply don't understand. Doesn't matter what you tell or what you send them (like that youtube video) they still want a 30k render. We have had that many times.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2020-01-02, 14:52:52 »
Is there a slight chance for the DSLR tone mapping in the foreseeable future? That would be so great. Are there any plans about that?

Hardware / Re: Threadripper vs. i9
« on: 2019-11-28, 15:20:29 »
Now I'm pushing the CPU clock  to 3,5 Ghz, and the mem to 2933. Results are better now: 8:35 minutes on the i9, vs. 6:03 minutes on the threadripper. Thats better now, still yet not the double performance. But the Motherboard is getting really hot, the VRM goes up to 73°C after 30 minutes of rendering. Do you think it"s safe to it that way?

2933 is the default FSB for the Threadripper 2. If you run it on lower speed you lose performance but it's up to you of course. If you are worrying about the motherboard's temperature you can always add some additional fans to cool it down.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper vs. i9
« on: 2019-11-27, 15:05:33 »
You should run the RAMs at 2933 because that's the default for the Threadrippers. If you run them on a lower speed that can affect the performance a lot. Try to set them to 2933 and let's see what happens.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper vs. i9
« on: 2019-11-27, 12:08:26 »
What kind of RAMs do you use for the Treadripper?

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-10-18, 13:59:47 »
Last 2990WX to build for our office, scored one for 900 Euro brand new...

Hi Juraj,

Could I ask where did you get that for €900? On eBay? Could you send me a PM about that please?

I really miss the zoom feature in the VFB in Corona. It can be handy a lot of times in V-ray.

It took some time, but yes, it was a licensing issue. Thank you so much for your help.

Hi there,

We are facing a strange issue we have never had before on couple of our nodes. (Corona 4.1)
The DR server is going in a loop, says Status:starting and Status:Not running all the time.
I've already tried to reinstall Corona.

I've attached the log files.

Thanks in advance.

The RTX cards have been out for some time now, out of curiousity, has anyone here tried out the card with ue4 and realtime raytracing? How well does it hold up and your experiences using it? I am wondering how production ready it is for animations especially archviz.

I would love to hear some thoughts about that as well. If someone could share some experiences about live archviz projects that would be great.
I am really wondering if one 2080Ti is enough for a good quality (let's say in 4k), polygon heavy, fully ray traced archviz project or you should go for an SLI/nVlink setup?

Yes, the "solo" button should do the same just in one round, you don't have to click twice and if not all of your lights are turned on in lightmix you have to keep in mind which ones to turn back on again, the solo button should remember the previous set of turned on/off lights. After you have finished the adjustment of the isolated lights and you turn off solo mode it should go back to the original state.  So it's nothing special. I have seen that kind of solo button in some other engines as far as I remember they have that in Octane and Maxwell, but I am not sure.

Can we have a "solo" button in lightmix if it's not too difficult to implement? You can easily isolate lights or light groups with it. I like to set up my lights one by one and ATM I have to turn on and off my lights all the time.

Something went wrong with the lightmix. I am experiencing some serious issues as well.
First of all, after I adjust the lights in the lightmix and press the ">scene" button, the lights in my scene changes completely.
If the lightmix is on and I render using the DR servers (not Deadline, just the built in DR servers) it takes ages to start the render (~20 minutes) and when I want to stop the render my Max just hangs up, in most of the time the only thing what I can do just to kill the 3DS Max process in the task manager. I waited more than 30 minutes and nothing.

I am going to upload the scene for you guys with some examples as well. It's WIP, so it looks how it looks.

It's on your Dropbox ""



What is the main problem?

Simple scene, unchanged default Corona material, default Corona settings and plane+teapot+white environment. I start the Interactive Preview, when the denoiser should kick in (so in 2 seconds) it crashes.

No CPU/GPU overheating, PSU (Corsair HX1000i) is more than enough.

I have multiple GPUs, a 970GTX and a 1080GTX, latest nVidia driver (417.01 - 11/26/2018)

I tried to limit (under nVidia's 3D settings) 3DS Max to only one of the cards (970 or 1080) it didn't help.

In Octane 4 they work together without any issues. (rendering and denoising)


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